Good Evening!

I believe I might have mentioned that I have begun cutting and piecing a simple table runner project. So here is a little update on my progress!

2013-08-04 20.43.02-1

I picked up Quilty for the first time earlier this week in the local Joann’s Fabric store. You know it’s one of those things you see up by the register and it has a beautiful cover so you just grab it. Well, actually I do a lot of grabbing without thinking when I am in a fabric store. But anyway, the cover of the current Quilty magazine (July-August 2013) is just gorgeous. It is a flying geese pattern, titled Goose Chase designed by Mark Lipinski, in contrasting black and white with pops of hot pink, I’m in love.

However, I have a lot on my plate at the moment and beginning any project is a little daunting. So I flipped to a quick and easy project to warm myself up for quilting since it has been ~8 months since I even thought about it. (I always get the urge to quilt Christmas gifts, unfortunately I have not yet managed to make a quilt in the 5 days before Christmas when the urge sets in.) The Four Seasons Table Runner could be my quilted gift solution though. It’s not intimidating and it could be done in some striking color combinations to match your giftee’s personality.  I however just grabbed my stash of quilting solids (purchased from Hancock Fabrics in Lawrence, KS way back in 2008!) and got to cutting.

2013-08-04 20.43.40-1

The cutting was quick, it took maybe an hour. Then sewing the half squares, maybe 90 minutes. And next constructing the interior strips of the quilt, another hour. Some of you professional quilters are probably thinking that I’m moving pretty slow… And I am, I am enjoying watching South Pacific on my mini-tv, complete with occasional song and dance breaks. I can’t believe I had never seen South Pacific!

2013-08-04 21.49.35-1


Anywho, here I am piecing my interior strips together now… Hoping to soon get far enough that I don’t feel guilty stepping away to catch up on the Modern Block Quilt Along I mentioned in my previous post. I am a little bit (okay, a lot) more excited to jump into those monthly blogs and share my work with the And Sew We Craft community.

Happy Quilting friends!

Erin Myone