2013-08-08 07.06.02

A few more pretty flowers this afternoon. Some lovely gaillardia!

2013-08-08 07.06.10

And an even more exciting discovery! My neighbors down the street has an elderberry bush!

I think I will have to knock on their door and see if I can harvest some of these little goodies for natural dyeing when they are nice and dark with color! Elderberry is a very exciting dye medium as it can produce very different hues depending on the alkalinity or acidity of the water, fiber, plant.

Of course with any natural dye you will have variation in color depending on different natural factors such as the weather, length of season, age of the plant source, etc. But elderberry is just wonderfully exciting and produces some of my very favorite natural dye colors! Directly above and below are images from a natural dye workshop I attended two years ago in Columbia Missouri at Hillcreek Fiber Studio with Carol Leigh. We experimented with altering the alkalinity and acidity and also utilized a variety of fibers, and hopefully you can recognize that this is an incredible range of hues from a single dye source!