I am adding a new feature to the blog: Yarn 2-ways. A post for this category  will be similar to watching Iron Chef when they present “lobster three ways”. You will get to see the results of a yarn when it has been utilized in two different ways, most likely knit and crochet. Sometimes, it will be a simple project. Other times it may be more challenging, but whenever a pattern is referenced it will be linked or presented as a tutorial!

But wait it gets better! I have called in the help of my good friend Cortney, blogger of Cornflower Blue, to guest host half of the Yarn 2-ways posts! Cortney is one of the most talented and creative people I know, and she has skills with a hook or needles! I am so excited to share this opportunity with her!

Cornflower script

The first yarn that we are working with is actually a yarn I bought two and a half years ago at Knit Wits in Key West, Florida while on my honeymoon! I purchased two skeins because I just had to have this yarn, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it at the time and I certainly didn’t want to run out.  Lambada, by Tedman & Kvist, is a lightweight novelty yarn made of 45% poliamid, 27% polyester, and 28% cotton. (I believe this yarn has also been picked up by Mango Moon now.) When I first brought this yarn home and tried to look it up on Ravelry to see what others were doing with it, there was nothing to be found. It was like the yarn did not exist…


But, soon you will see how I tackled this mystery yarn. Then we will all see the results of my challenge to Cortney as she updates us on her use of the yarn.


Erin Myone