A quick update on my progress for the And Sew We Craft Crochet A Long.

I have added about 6 and a half rows since my last update, introducing two new colors to the blanket!


My blanket is now the length of my fingertips to elbow, which I estimate is maybe around 17 inches.

And, as I’ve mentioned before. It is really wide! About 80 inches wide. These pictures were taken in my driveway, where it spanned all but about two feet of the width. I cannot even imagine how large it will be when I am finished!

But I really love it, and I received many compliments on it as I worked through some presentations at a conference last week. It’s finally starting to cool down here in Iowa, so I think the work may pick up a little since it won’t be too hot to sit beneath this heavy crochet project.

Happy stitching!


Erin Myone