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This has been a slow and sorry week for the ol’ blog here. I have been working with fervor on my research and writing all day everyday, but not finding time to write here. So a short update.

Crocheting is happening during the moments of reading or thinking in between the moments of typing and editing. I have added my second color to the Crochet Along blanket. I can’t remember how much detail I previously gave on this blanket, but my blanket is 74 inches wide, and is being crocheted entirely of double crochet stitches on a size H hook. Needless to say it is a somewhat slow process, but I have actually gained quite a bit of speed over the past 4 days since I began.

Tonka walks are still happening of course. Here she is with her neighborhood cat friend. They run into each other when they are both out on their leash in the mornings or evenings. It’s very sweet, the cat kind of intimidates Tonka. Lately, Tonkas has been trying to take advantage of her walk time by dragging me along on longer walks or finding pinecones to play fetch with. I think she finds all of the still time devoted to writing or crocheting quite dull.

And finally, there are still flowers in bloom though we seem to be in a transitional stage between the summer and fall flora.

No time to sit at the sewing machine this week, which has me down in the doldrums but hopefully that will all change after Monday! Wish me luck!


Erin Myone

Good morning!

I’ve never known another name for naked ladies, but I imagine I might have some extra traffic for this post due to the name. I, however, am writing about the flower! Are they a weed? Or do people intentionally plant naked ladies? They seem to spring out of the ground in a single evening (at least I never notice them until they are tall blooming stalks!)

My husband says that any plant that grows where it is not wanted is a weed. So if you like your naked ladies where they are, then they are not weeds. If you hate your rose-bush, then it is a weed. At least, that is his rule of thumb.

I imagine enough people are fans of Naked Ladies that they aren’t often considered weeds. This poor Echinacea though, could sure use some love. Echinacea root has wonderful herbal medicinal purposes, you think it would be given some more attention!

But then I have no memory of an Echinacea plant that didn’t look a little distraught. Maybe that’s their thing?

Anyway, off to sling cupcakes! With an afternoon of research and writing ahead. I sure hope to get back to those HST soon.

P.S. – I have found my inspiration for my first original quilt block design! So excited to share it with you!


Erin Myone

What would you do with an extra two hours added to your day?

Today, I woke at 4:30 a.m., by 5:10 I was jogging in the dark. I am not much of a jogger/runner, in fact it is one of my least favorite things to do and, one of the things I feel I am worst at. So when I returned home at 6 a.m. having completed 2.2 miles I felt accomplished. Now, I realize that is not record breaking speed or anything. In fact, it really was more of a jog-walk interval, so speed wasn’t my goal. But I planned to do a half mile, instead I did 2.2, I feel accomplished.

Normally, I wake up between 6 and 6:30 a.m. So today, today I have accomplished more with my day already than I normally would. Now I will spend the next five hours in a happy place, cupcakes make people happy.

What will you do with your day?


Erin Myone

Good Morning!

It’s a brisk 59º here in Ames, Iowa this morning. Too good to be true in August, a half hour dog walk did not seem long enough!

My husband tells me these are dahlias, whatever they are, they are beautiful!

Have a great day!

Erin Myone

On Saturday, my husband and I were lucky enough to both have the day off of work. It also happened to be the first Saturday of the 2013 Iowa State Fair. Originally, we had hoped to drive back to Kansas to visit a few good friends and see family this weekend, but life got in the way and we couldn’t make that trip this weekend. So instead we drove a little over 30 minutes to enjoy the fair.

By the time we arrived a little after 10 a.m. the parking was full and the midway was buzzing! We went straight for the typical fair fare, hand dipped corn dogs! I had the standard corn dog while Eli went for a veggie corn dog, I was shocked and pleased that there are a few more healthy options at the fair these days (though I did enjoy my pork corn dog!)

After our corn dogs we headed out in search of ongoing fair events and caught part of the dairy cattle show.

We then moved on to check out some of the other large animals. Including some sheep that had amazing curly wool.

We also saw this amazing elk, they are so incredibly huge! But not as “huge” as the fairs biggest boar which weighed in at 1,103 lbs!!!

And there was this beautiful bantam hen…

And an amazing balloon sculpture being built while we watched!

We finished our day with a healthy blooming onion and funnel cake… Guilt free day of the week!

After we headed home, we went to the public library for some free entertainment. I found some excellent quilting books and a calligraphy book and can’t wait to share some of the results!  Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend!

Erin Myone

2013-08-08 07.06.02

A few more pretty flowers this afternoon. Some lovely gaillardia!

2013-08-08 07.06.10

And an even more exciting discovery! My neighbors down the street has an elderberry bush!

I think I will have to knock on their door and see if I can harvest some of these little goodies for natural dyeing when they are nice and dark with color! Elderberry is a very exciting dye medium as it can produce very different hues depending on the alkalinity or acidity of the water, fiber, plant.

Of course with any natural dye you will have variation in color depending on different natural factors such as the weather, length of season, age of the plant source, etc. But elderberry is just wonderfully exciting and produces some of my very favorite natural dye colors! Directly above and below are images from a natural dye workshop I attended two years ago in Columbia Missouri at Hillcreek Fiber Studio with Carol Leigh. We experimented with altering the alkalinity and acidity and also utilized a variety of fibers, and hopefully you can recognize that this is an incredible range of hues from a single dye source!


Classic Vanilla

I think I may have mentioned my part time job at the local cupcake shop in Ames, Iowa, the Cupcake Emporium. You see, I have a thing for beautiful, sweet, adorable, delicious things in my life. I’ve been dreaming about decorating cupcakes and cakes for many years, ever since I learned that my paternal grandmother was a wonderful cake decorator before I was born. I have purchased many decorating books over the years, but never seemed to have a reason to make a bunch of cupcakes and definitely didn’t want to add a couple dozen to my own waistline… So it never really came to fruition.

Red Velvet

But after we moved to Ames, I started watching the Food Network Channel particularly Cupcake Wars. I learned that the Cupcake Emporium would be on an episode that aired at the end of June. My husband and I watched, and I friended the shop on Facebook.  The very next day they posted a need for new “Cupcake Minions”. I suppose I’m not the typical minion, being that I am in my late 20’s, married, and starting my PhD. But I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to finally decorate cupcakes! Below is the creativity portion of my application, a cherry chunk cupcake with cola frosting, potato chip crumbs and a cola gummy, on a hand decorated paper plate. It must have done the job, because I got the job!



It’s been just over a month now since I started at the Cupcake Emporium, and recently I have been training on decorating.  My first cupcake to decorate was the “C is for Cookie”, a chocolate cupcake injected with cookie dough, topped with chocolate ganache and decorated to look like the Cookie Monster. There isn’t an easy way to mess up this cupcake, since it’s supposed to look like a messy monster, so it was a great starting point for me!


Next, I began decorating the Dirt & Worms cupcake, one of the newly voted Daily Specialty cupcakes ($2.25). The Dirt & Worms is a chocolate and Oreo cupcake injected with whipped chocolate pudding, topped with chocolate frosting, crushed Oreos, and a gummy worm. Again, this cupcake is not easy to mess up so it’s a perfect learner cupcake!

Finally, the past week I have begun working on the classic cupcake curl. The classic cupcake decoration is a beautiful 3-tier frosting with a curl. This particular frosting takes a little more practice as I work towards achieving, the perfect coverage, tier height, and tails (starting and finishing). When practicing this frosting we typically work with either the chocolate or vanilla whipped frosting because they are the easiest to learn with. Initially, we practice in a bowl so that we may reload the frosting again and again, as many times as it takes to perfect the look. Then we move onto practicing on a saran wrapped cupcake so that we can practice the actual size of the frosting. After multiple attempts the shape and size all starts to come together and we achieve the perfect swirl and curl frosting! Today was the day, when I perfected the swirl and curl!

2013-08-08 11.39.39-2

The next time you are in Iowa make sure to visit Ames, and stop by the Cupcake Emporium at 300 Main Street for some delicious treats!

2013-08-08 14.51.39Another neighbor has an extremely developed zinnia garden. These flowers are like a party, they are vibrant and gorgeous.

2013-08-08 14.51.49

The color varieties and the beauty of the petals blow my mind.

2013-08-08 14.51.18

I love finding something so incredibly beautiful on my average everyday walk! Talk about a pick me up!

2013-08-08 14.51.28

Hopefully the beauty is translated through the images and you are feeling a little brightness in your day too!

2013-08-08 14.51.45

Erin Myone