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Hello again!


I just whipped through the June block from the Modern Block Quilt a Long! The Spool block above was sewn by Tonya at The Crafty Mummy, the host of this month’s block.

June Block

This month the block was quite simple, I really only referenced the tutorial at The Crafty Mummy to figure out the dimensions of the pieces before cutting. From there on out, I was my own with no fear! I sewed the 10 seams in a matter of minutes and am in fact quite pleased with the turnout!

Juliana Horner Stack

The Juliana Horner fabrics are just so darling, you can’t really go wrong. This time I chose some fabrics from the orange colorway, Posy Sweet and Terrace Main Orange Cream.

Juliana Horner Key June

This is the first block I have added the orange colorway to, but I have plans to add it to the next block (which was actually the May block)! And I already have my fabric pieces cut for the Follow the Leader block hosted by Amy at And Sew We Craft.

May PiecesI did a few more rows of the Four Season Table Runner also, and who knows maybe I will finish that up, and the Follow the Leader block this weekend! Wouldn’t that be a productive week of piecing?!?!


Alrighty! Moving right along with my piecing this week! Above is the August block for the And Sew We Craft Modern Blocks Quilt A Long.  The above block  was pieced by this month’s tutorial host, Alyce of Blossom Heart Quilts, it is the Quatrefoil block from the book Modern Blocks.

august detail2

Again, I chose to piece fabrics from Juliana Horner’s Rosette line (2013, JoAnns Fabrics). I am much happier with my color combination and color layout of this block compared to last month’s block. I also think I actually like the composition of this block quite a bit more than the July block too.

August Block

Below is my handy fabric key for the August block! A key is a really wonderful way to document your work in case you would ever like to duplicate a block. I actually keep my key in a little book with some additional information and a diagram of the block.

Juliana Horner Key August MBQAL

This block actually combines a few different piecing techniques, including one of my favorite techniques strip quilting.  Another technique, flying geese (Thanks Alyce!), used in this block to create the four points is extremely easy, but it actually create quite a bit of fabric waste which I am not a fan of! I now have dozens of half square triangles  with bias edges hanging around…  Guess I’ll have to quilt them 😉


See you tomorrow with a little more quilting, I hope!

Erin Myone

July and August

Megan's Star_thumb[3]

The July block for the And Sew We Craft Modern Blocks Quilt A Long is a block titled Megan’s Star. The block originally appears on page 113 in the book Modern Blocks compiled by Susanne Woods. I don’t own this book, so I can’t speak to its greatness, but all the blocks for the quilt a long are from it so maybe after a year of blocks I will have an opinion.

One of the excellent things about a Quilt A Long is that you don’t need to own the books. Each month a tutorial is created to guide you through the creation of your own block. This month the tutorial was posted by Samelia’s Mum.


The tutorial called for at least four fabrics (3 prints and 1 solid was recommended) but you could easily increase the number of fabrics for a more busy block if that is your thing. I decided to call on my latest purchase from Jo-Ann’s Fabrics, the Rosette line by Juliana Horner. Rosette was only released last month, July 21, 2013, in Jo-Ann’s Fabrics across the country, and I kind of loved it immediately when I saw it, before I even knew what I was looking at. Juliana  (check out this video, she’s too sweet) is the daughter of one of my other favorite fabric designers, Anna Maria Horner.

Anyway! My block utilizes three of the Rosette fabrics, Rosebed Pomegranate, Bouquet Sweet, and Posy Navy. I also picked a nice cheap symphony broadcloth for my solid background.  Below you’ll see a key to the fabrics I chose for this particular block.

Juliana Horner Key July MBQAL

Now, on to the piecing. Being an occasional quilter, I am prone to a lot of mistakes. I definitely need every little detail spelled out for me. For example, I forgot that quilters use a standard seam allowance of 1/4″, being that recently I have sewed apparel mostly, I went with 1/2″. However, I doubted myself and googled it after stitching only one seam.

I also got a little over excited and cut way too many of my blocks into adorable little half squares, forgetting that this wasn’t that particular piecing method. So I eventually re-cut a number of my pieces. But eventually I finished it! Really it is a quick block, and I bet I could do another one lickety-split. One regret would be the choice of my focal fabric, it doesn’t have the type of motif that really makes it pop.  And somehow, it looks very traditional colorwise, which was not my intention… C’est la vie. On to the August block, and then back to catch the May and June blocks.

2013-08-05 22.06.09

Until tomorrow,

Erin Myone

Good Evening!

I believe I might have mentioned that I have begun cutting and piecing a simple table runner project. So here is a little update on my progress!

2013-08-04 20.43.02-1

I picked up Quilty for the first time earlier this week in the local Joann’s Fabric store. You know it’s one of those things you see up by the register and it has a beautiful cover so you just grab it. Well, actually I do a lot of grabbing without thinking when I am in a fabric store. But anyway, the cover of the current Quilty magazine (July-August 2013) is just gorgeous. It is a flying geese pattern, titled Goose Chase designed by Mark Lipinski, in contrasting black and white with pops of hot pink, I’m in love.

However, I have a lot on my plate at the moment and beginning any project is a little daunting. So I flipped to a quick and easy project to warm myself up for quilting since it has been ~8 months since I even thought about it. (I always get the urge to quilt Christmas gifts, unfortunately I have not yet managed to make a quilt in the 5 days before Christmas when the urge sets in.) The Four Seasons Table Runner could be my quilted gift solution though. It’s not intimidating and it could be done in some striking color combinations to match your giftee’s personality.  I however just grabbed my stash of quilting solids (purchased from Hancock Fabrics in Lawrence, KS way back in 2008!) and got to cutting.

2013-08-04 20.43.40-1

The cutting was quick, it took maybe an hour. Then sewing the half squares, maybe 90 minutes. And next constructing the interior strips of the quilt, another hour. Some of you professional quilters are probably thinking that I’m moving pretty slow… And I am, I am enjoying watching South Pacific on my mini-tv, complete with occasional song and dance breaks. I can’t believe I had never seen South Pacific!

2013-08-04 21.49.35-1


Anywho, here I am piecing my interior strips together now… Hoping to soon get far enough that I don’t feel guilty stepping away to catch up on the Modern Block Quilt Along I mentioned in my previous post. I am a little bit (okay, a lot) more excited to jump into those monthly blogs and share my work with the And Sew We Craft community.

Happy Quilting friends!

Erin Myone Modern Blocks Quilt A Long

Every summer, I get the itch to do some piecing and if I get around to it I eventually will even quilt something! This summer, I have had the itch for months, but have tried to ignore it for the sake of time, money, and sanity…

But then, I stepped into a fabric store the other day and all hell broke loose! Next thing I knew, I was holding nine bolts of beautiful fabric, patiently waiting at the cutting counter with a crazed grin on my face. But I didn’t stop there, no sir, I plopped those bolts down ordered a half yard of each and headed back for more.  Another six bolts later I returned, practically giddy. As I allowed another quilter to jump me in line with her single bolt of fabric, I received a knowing grin. She also asked for a half yard of fabric and we agreed that for quilting, a quarter yard just isn’t enough!

Even after a hefty discount, my bill left me staggering, These new fabrics needed to get straight home and into my craft room before my husband could know the difference. And so they did… But sitting there, all lovely and new, I couldn’t bring myself to start into them. So instead, I picked a simple table runner (Four Seasons, Quilty) and some solids I had collected years ago and began to cut. A few days later, I’ve begun my piecing, but the itch hasn’t subsided. I can’t bring myself to commit to a pattern for the new beautiful fabrics just now. And I’m not sure I can commit to a quilting bee, what if I get too busy and let some wonderful quilter down?

So instead I have found a modern blocks quilt a long to occupy my needs. I am jumping in on month four but I do hope to catch up on the previous months too! As I work through the quilt blocks I hope to share a little more about the participating bloggers and each of the tutorials. But for now, the most I can say is this,  I am committed to the project!

Here I go, promise I will keep you posted!