Did you see my making space featured this week as part of  And Sew We Craft’s Where We Create blog series? I shared a little bit about my space and a few photos of my different work stations and storage spaces. I have a few additional shots from a wider angle, I wish, wish, wish it were not so dark and ugly…

But amazingly I can work in there so much easier than past spaces which were small and beautiful. I guess it really is what’s on the inside that counts, and inside these ugly walls and terrible carpet there is a lot of space!!! (Again, I apologize for the blurriness of these photos, it’s just the lighting that I’m working with in this basement!)

So behind that wardrobe, coat rack, and the yarn/fabric shelf is where we hide household items like the Christmas tree, and such… But I am becoming more and more tempted to absorb that space into my crafting area… I’ve also recently purchased a rolling clothing rack, which I plan to hang a lot of my apparel items and fabric on.

This was still pretty early after our move in this summer, so it’s not a total mess yet! I have also added another large table in the center of this open space for cutting and drafting garment patterns.  Originally I was planning to purchase a new larger loom to take up this space since I sold my last one, but that hasn’t worked out yet… Also, I don’t really want to think about getting it down those stairs, or back up again when we move some day!

I admit, this isn’t my prettiest set-up, but it does function the best! Anyone remember this beautiful set-up from Manhattan, Kansas?

In this house, I actually had two rooms all to myself for my “making space”. One room was for everything I wanted to work on, while the other room was specifically for weaving projects. The first room was a gorgeous yellow and white, the second room was teal and white. So much color and so much light! I was spoiled!

Dreamy, right? So bright and lovely… Sigh. Do you have your dream making space? Someday I hope to combine these two places, the ample room of the current one, with the bright setting and colors of the previous rooms…


Erin Myone